About us

Who are we?

Valbek is a design office with a tradition of designing linear buildings since 1990. To date, we span over 20 specialisations that are intertwined and give our people the opportunity to design small and large buildings or be part of a specialised profession. We operate in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Ukraine. We do not only want to be able to create projects but also to advise others, manage large investment units, and be an arbitrageur in price ranges. Simply, be a top company in the industry.

“We didn’t know it was impossible so we did it.” Roman Lenner

What are we like?

Along with work, we want to have fun, be active and be helpful. The best combination for us is to combine these things together. We like to partake in projects like Bike to Work, Cleaning up the Czech Republic or Betting on the Future. We donate to charity and educational projects such as the Safety Trail. We support sports teams in selected regions. In March 2020, when there was a shortage of protective gear for doctors and nursing homes, we produced over 270 pieces of protective shields on our 3D printer outside of working hours.

“We sincerely appreciate the Valbek company for their promptness and kindness in providing protective equipment.”
Turnov Hospital”

Where did we come from?

When we had our picture taken under the railway viaduct in “Kryštofovo údolí” in 1990, none of us imagined what would happen to us in a year, let alone thirty years. It was shortly after the Velvet Revolution, at a time when the word “entrepreneur” sounded almost as exotic and inaccessible as an “astronaut”. So we set off on a flight into the unknown with no return ticket, but our desire to explore new worlds was stronger than all our fears combined. Along the way, we had many little, midsize, and even massive accidents where we could have disappeared into the darkness of the infinite universe for good. Yet we managed to overcome them and continued on our way each and every time.

You can read more about Valbek since 1990 in Petr Voldřich’s book.
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