Valbek for sustainable nature


We loved the “Sázíme budoucnost” project at first sight because it combines teamwork, working with our hands and ultimately spending quality time on something meaningful that can be seen in the landscape and grows with us. Our goal is to have every Valbek branch in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine involved, and in total, we have planted at least as many trees as we have employees. It makes sense.

Bike to work

The May challenge “Bike to Work” is slowly becoming a tradition that we use to diversify our schedule in all our branches in the Czech Republic. It may take an earlier start to work, but the feeling of knowing that we are doing something for ourselves and at the same time contributing to a cleaner environment in which we live with our families is recharging. At the same time, this gesture also brings us together. It’s not about performance. It’s about us.


We consider ourselves a forward-thinking company, and our employees know it is not enough to complain about the situation around us. It is necessary to change our surroundings, the landscape we live in, for the better – not with words but with actions. That’s why once a year, we arrange with the Environmental Department, grab a pair of protective gloves, bags, and a container and go to clean up. It’s quality time spent with colleagues for a good cause. Hopefully, future generations of Valbek will carry on this tradition after us.